About Us

Complete Montage, LLC is a full service media production services company with over 30 years experience. Complete Montage, LLC has recently partnered with Joe Tavano Editorial Design to meet the ever-growing needs of industry leaders looking to be on the cutting edge of Branding and Design. Complete Montage and Joe Tavano Editorial & Design count as their clients, NBC Universal, Chase Bank, The American Diabetes Association, Nickelodeon, Oxygen and many more.

Complete Montage's principal, Gary VandenBergh and Joe Tavano are multiple award-winning Producer/Editors who puts together the perfect production team to translate your ideas into compelling television.

With 30 years of corporate and broadcast television experience, Gary brings his unique vision to every project. Joe, also with 30 years of production and post-production experience is known for his editorial and design capabilities. This partnership creates a synergy that can only result from the kind of experience Gary and Joe bring to the table.