Translating your ideas into compelling content.

Complete Montage, LLC

In 2002, principal Gary VandenBergh tapped his award-winning editorial experience from National Video Center, Inc. and Frame:Runner, Inc. to begin producing content for broadcast and corporate clients. More than 10 years later his company is producing broadcast and web content for Fortune 500 companies along with sales and marketing content for up-start ventures and established players.

Drawing on his versatile experience, Gary  brings a unique vision to every project . Starting his career in Ad Agency production, he built on his commercial experience with several years producing video art and music. Bringing live dance and music to Long Island audiences, Gary gained invaluable experience not only in production and post-production but in translating artists ideas into television. The artist vision through the commercial lens gives Gary an edge you won't find anywhere else.

Working with long-time collaborators in production and post-production guarantees access to the best talent in the business and makes us able to deliver first-rate work on time and on budget.

Gary has also been producing a feature documentary in his spare time, Chicken Fat: The Legacy of Will Elder is in post-production.